Impose heavy fines for throwing water, garbage on roads: GHMC Chief

Hyderabad: M. Dana Kishore, Commissioner, GHMC said the GHMC was giving much importance to the slums to enhance their outlook and standard of living of the poor so that they can live with dignity with clean and green environment.

As the part of Swachh Survekshan 2019, a review meeting with all the Additional, Zonal, Deputy Commissioners, AMOHs and other senior officials was held in the GHMC Head Office today. Interacting with the officials, the Commissioner said beautification of the slums should be taken up on priority and also to control the menace of open urination. The main roads near the slums should be cleared of garbage. It has been observed that most of the people in the early hours were cleaning their vehicles and the water was being thrown out on the main roads causing a lot of damage to the roads which has to be controlled on priority.

The Commissioner said around 400 million gallons of the water was being supplied to the citizens out of which 10% of the same was being wasted. The water, which was being thrown on the roads would cost the government of Rs 250 crore for repairing damaged roads. The people, who are responsible for releasing the water on the roads, throwing waste, those using below 50micron plastic materials, throwing garbage on the main roads should be imposed heavy fine as a deterrent, the Commissioner said.

The Commissioner has directed the officials that in every circle at least 500 cases should be booked and imposed heavy fines in their respective jurisdictions and also take up beautification of transfer stations with proper fencing duly planting medicinal plants in and around the transfer stations and also to provide toilets for the convenience of the citizens. It has been observed that most of the hotel owners are releasing water and sewerage materials on the main roads and even throwing the waste materials into the nalas for which the nalas are overflowing causing much inconvenience to the citizens, said the Commissioner.

To this effect, the people who are doing such irregularities must be imposed heavy penalties to control such menace. The hotels which are producing more garbage water and so on must provide their compost units for utilizing the garbage to produce good manure. The Swachh Survekshan team will be visiting in the GHMC limits from 4 th of January to 31 st January and the team officials will be asking the 7 questions for which lot of awareness campaigns have to be taken up to the citizens to have a proper knowledge of Swachh Survekshan 2019.
The Commissioner further stated that every officials must strictly implement the use of plastic below 50 microns and necessary actions has to be implemented to control the menace and also appealed the citizens to prohibit the use flower bouquets, plastic covers etc., there is an every need to create awareness on the aspects.