Impact of slaughter house ban in UP: Cows turn into enemies of farmers, destroy crops

Lakhimpur Kheri [UP]: After the ban of many slaughter houses by Yogi Govt. in UP, cows turned into enemies of farmers. Frequently crops are getting destroyed by cows.

In Saketu village of Lakhimpur Kheri district, Uttar Pradesh, green fields of sugarcane, paddy and plantain are getting destroyed by these cattle.

Talking to media, one of the residents of the village said that the farmers are forced to be awake all the night to save their crops. Despite such tireless efforts, crops are getting destroyed by cows. Another resident claimed that in spite of complaining to administration, no action has been taken.

Vexed up with the problem, residents of the village locked all the cows in a school. The villagers demanded that the Govt. should open Gaushala to provide shelter to these cows so that the cattle will not destroy their crops.