Impact of Siasat news, Urdu Maskan to be thrown open for events

Hyderabad: Urdu Maskan constructed by the government for carrying out religious, literary and cultural activities in old city will again be thrown open for events. After the publication of news in Siasat, Secretary Minority Welfare Department cancelled his previous orders and decided to open booking for Urdu Maskan. Thus with the impact of news published in Siasat, Minority Welfare Department had to revise its decision.

This has relieved literary, cultural and religious organisations of the city who were worried as the booking was closed for 10 days.

It must be recalled that getting angry over a part time employee working in Urdu Maskan run by Urdu Academy, Secretary Minority Welfare had directed to close booking of the auditorium. The employee was not only suspended but his salary was also not released.

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