Impact of Siasat news: MIM floor leader visits areas affected by rain

Hyderabad: Soon after publication of news in Siasat Daily, followed by public wrath, MIM floor leader Mr. Akberuddin Owaisi visited the affected areas along with local MLA Mr. Mumtaz Ahmed Khan and Municipal officials and got acquainted with the problems faced by the public while assuring that the problems would be resolved soon.

Siasat always highlights the problems confronted by the public so that the concerned persons should feel their responsibility. Had the problem been dealt with before the rainy reason, the people would not have to face such situation? However with the visit of floor leader, local MLAs and corporators a ray of hope has been created among the public. At the same time some citizens have to say that similar assurances were given in the past too but the elected representatives have mostly failed in taking practical measures.

Report regarding destructions due to heavy rains at Yaqutpura was published on August 29, in Siasat daily on page 7, following which elected public representatives sprung into action. Similarly the report regarding lack of teaching and non teaching staff in Govt. Degree College for Girls, Golconda was published in Siasat on August 25 on page 2 after which according to reports, floor leader expressed anger over the performance of concerned MLA. Later similar reports were also published in English newspapers.

Karwan MLA Mr. Kausar Mohiuddin visited Govt. Degree College for Girls Golconda but did not interact with the students. However a meeting was held inside the college premises and it was decided to make appointments within a week. According to sources close to the party instead of inviting government’s attention towards the issue and ensuring proper recruitment process it has been decided to provide teaching staff from the society run by the party.

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