Impact of Siasat movement: Roti, Kapda Bank set up at Bagh Amjaduddaula

Hyderabad: Islah-e-Mashera campaign initiated by Siasat editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan has evoked positive response in the society. Siasat had set up Kapda Bank in collaboration with Faiz-e-Aam Trust at Abid Ali Khan Eye Hospital, Darushifa. Impressed by the virtuous act, God fearing elders and youth of Bagh Amjaduddaula, set up Roti and Kapda Bank in which three times meals are provided to 50 to 60 people daily. Milk is also distributed among infants of poor deserving families.

Officials of the bank reached Siasat office and handed over cartons of clothes collected for distribution among flood victims of Bihar and Assam.

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