Immigrants Savior: Italian Mayor gets most powerful Fortune rank

Riace: Domenico Lucano is the mayor of a tiny Italian town in Calabrian village of Riace.

Lucano who was ranked 40th on the list among the world’s 50 greatest leaders by Fortune magazine welcomed the destitute refugees with open arms coming across the Mediterranean in overloaded boats.

He turned Riace into a “welcome centre” for immigrants from a range of different countries who were shunned by many.

This beautiful village of 1,700 people with no big money or big names gives accommodation to the refugees in the town’s abandoned houses that have lain empty for several decades.

The immigrants work and live side by side with locals.

He was awarded a prize by the Bern-based Foundation for freedom and human rights for his remarkable commitment to the refugees’ cause.

Lucano’s efforts should be universally appreciated who made once empty village, a vibrant place to live.

This town sets a shining example of good reception and integration.