Immigrant employees in U.S. go on strike to mark “A Day Without Immigrants”

New York [United States]: Immigrants in various cities across the United States on Thursday refused to spend money nor go to work on “A Day Without Immigrants” in an effort to show the Trump administration their contribution to the country’s economy.

This comes as Trump continues his tough stance on immigration and vowed on Thursday to issue a new immigration executive order by next week that would be tailored to a recent federal appeals court decision to block the travel ban which he had issued in January this year.

Many immigrants and business owners refused to work on in an act of solidarity.

Owner of the Little Red Fox restaurant in Washington, D.C, Matt Carr, said his immigrant employees also participated in this strike but did double the work yesterday so that the restaurant would be in good shape today.

Asserting that his business would fall apart without his immigrant employees Carr said “Immigrants are the backbone of this country and the heart and soul of the service industry.”

“Without them, our small businesses would crumble. They are also part of our family here at Little Red Fox, and I, too, am worried about their future under this administration,” CNN quoted Carr as saying

Sanjuana Gonzales, whose family had moved from Mexico to Texas in 1988, said that she did not worked and neither had she spent her money on Thursday in support of the immigrant strike.

Gonzalez said that she informed her daughter that today they were not buying anything neither they were eating out.

She said in this way they are going to make an impact so that the contribution of immigrants to the economy and to the culture is acknowledged.

Eunice Arcos, daughter of Mexican immigrants, said that she her bosses at Makeup On The Go Cosmetics in Dallas granted her wish to participate in the campaign. (ANI)