Immediately update WhatsApp on your iPhone, here’s why

WhatsApp has released the latest version 2.19.22 for an iPhone which fixes the recently discovered bug that allowed anyone to bypass the Touch ID or Face ID screen lock.

The latest update brings other features, bug fixes or improvements. It is recommended that you immediately update the app since a serious bug is allowing users to bypass the privacy feature where users secured their WhatsApp account with Touch ID or Face ID.

Earlier WhatsApp was accessible without the need of Touch ID or Face ID. This security system fails only when users select any other option apart from “immediately” as It does not work if it is set to immediately.

A user named “u/de_X_ter” had earlier wrote a Reddit post detailing the problem and Reuters verified the bug. WhatsApp later confirmed the bug in a statement and promised to release a fix soon. That fix is now available in the App Store.