Imams, mauzzins run from ‘pillar to post’ for their remunerations

Imams, mauzzins run from ‘pillar to post’ for their remunerations

Hyderabad: Awestruck on the reckless response of wakf board, Imams and mauzzins are staggering behind even after receiving a sanctioned amount of Rs.12 crore by the State government, which makes a stipend of Rs. 1000 for each.

The melodious chanting of azaan may be granting a state of tranquility for many, but the irony of the state is that everything is not in line with the most honourable earners ‘The Muezzins’ of the state.

Their ‘rigorous hard work’ from minber to minber (A place in the mosque where an Imam stands ) is not getting worthily rewarded. Unfortunately they are forced to run from ‘pillar to posts’ for getting a hand to mouth stipend of Rs. 1000.

The hindrance of the wakf board has lead the dead line of the applications to be extended to January 10 which was latter set to December 30.

Thanks to the State government for sanctioning Rs. 12 crore for this particular scheme .Out of 300,000 active mosques in India , our state comprises of 5,500 mosques among which 3,500 come under registered mosques by wakf board, and 2,000 remain unregistered . The wakf board has received in all 2,000 online applications.

According to the sources due to the indolent staff of the wakf board which is solely responsible for this scheme procedure to be carried, has put the duty of verification on Minority Welfare Department. The MWD which is already burdened with implementations of many such schemes are not yet ready to handle this processing.

The Imams and the Muezzins tired of irresponsible officials of the wakf board complains that there are none in the wakf board or any other wing to accept their applications.

“We visited the Hajj House yesterday as well, but for the last three to four days we are not able to lead afternoon prayers at our mosques. When the Imams in the city are facing such ruthless situation think about the Imams from districts “ said Md Shabbir Alam –Imam of mosque in Secunderabad.

However the officials of the wakf board seem to be peacefully overlooking the situation by articulating that the applications could be submitted to the District Minorities Welfare Office (DMDO).” As per the course of actions they have to submit a copy of identification and approval by the mosque committee. The DMDO will verify the applications “ said Md , Asad Ullah , CEO , TS Wakf Board.