Imam Bukhari urges PM to assure safety to Indian Muslims

New Delhi: The atrocities against the Muslim minority community over the past two years after the Saffron party has come to power is no longer under wraps with many now openly asking the PM to respond and take strict action against the perpetrators.

Recently Delhi-based Imam Bukhari of Jama Masjid has written to PM Modi seeking stern action against mob lynching and alleged atrocities on minorities, including Dalits and Muslims in India, India TV.

Imam Bukhari in his letter alleged that the Modi led BJP government has failed to deliver its poll promise ‘sabka sath sabka vikas’.

“You gave a promise of treating 125 crore Indians with equality, irrespective of their religion and ethnicity… but unfortunately, the ground reality is not only contrary to this, but is a cause of concern for every civilized Indian citizen,” he said in his letter.

The Imam spoke against the brutal mob lynchings of Muslim minority and other minority communities by the Cow vigilantes or the Gau Rakshaks and is claimed to have said that despite PM Modi’s stern warnings to such ‘anti-social’ elements has failed to control them.

Bringing attention to those BJP leaders who were applauded for calling names to Muslim community, the Imam said, “The BJP talks of the formation of a riot-free society, but today every thing is being weighed in a Hindu-Muslim perspective. The government and the sizeable of the media are doing the job very diligently.”

He said, though his faith in the constitution that promises equality to its citizens is intact, the time has come today for the state and its leadership to prove its impartiality with its words, deeds, moves and their implementation.

Urging the PM to respond on the atrocities against the community, the Imam requested Pm to ease the uneasiness prevalent amongst the 250 million Indian Muslims without delay.

He has also written to Congress President Rahul Gandhi seeking his patty’s stand over the atrocities against Muslims in India.

He said that condition of the Muslims in Indian is worst as compared to the last seven decades.

Recalling the brutal killings of 64 innocent Muslims by mobs he asked Rahul Gandhi “Where is your voice against the way the current government is treating us?”

He further added in his letter that, “We expect that as a responsible opposition, you will pressure the government over this issue.”