I’m also a settler here as I came from Siddipet: KTR

I’m also a settler here as I came from Siddipet: KTR

“Even I am a settler in Hyderabad as I came from Siddipet town. No local is unhappy when we are speaking about settlers”, Telangana State IT and Panchayatraj Minister KT Ramarao said.

Addressing the ‘Meet-the-Press’ program organized by the Telangana State Union of Working Journalists (TUWJ) and Hyderabad Union of Journalists (HUJ) jointly at Basheerbhag Press Club here on Tuesday, KTR said Seemandhras, Sindhis, Parsis, Jains and so on were living in Hyderabad as locals and the TRS government was not showing any discrimination towards any settler in issuing ration cards, pensions, double bedroom houses etc. Though some people spread rumours that the TRS party will not allow the settles to live in Hyderabad before 2014 elections, he said the TRS government proved them wrong as there was no such untoward incident in the last 19 months in Hyderabad. He said the TRS government will develop Hyderabad city along with all people living in Hyderabad city.

Stating that Andhra Pradesh State was developing only after division of the united State, KTR said Andhra Pradesh was constructing new capital city at Amaravathi, Gannavaram International Airport and establishment of the AIMS. He also said the Telangana State was also developing on fast track only with the division of the united State.

He assured the people that the TRS government will change the Hyderabad city into a clean, green, smart, safe and liveable city. KTR assured that the TRS government would supply surplus drinking water to Hyderabad city similar to surplus power within a few years. The TRS government will construct two reservoirs around Hyderabad city with 30 TMCFT water storage capacity.

KTR also said the TRS government would construct 11 skyways, 54 junctions, four 400 KV transforms, 36 model markets 36 model grave yards, play grounds, he said and appealed to Hyderabad voters to cast their votes to TRS party to do all these things. “KCR has the guts to realize what he says. We are not assuring these things for the sake of elections. We will do these things within 10 years. We will show the development within five years which is not happened in the last 50 years”, he said. Finding fault with the previous governments, who claimed that they developed the Hyderabad city in a big way, he alleged that they failed to protect the pedestrian way and assured that the TRS government will reinstate the pedestrian way.

The TRS party will construct good flyovers keeping future traffic in mind, he said alleging that the previous governments failed to develop Hyderabad city on par with the increase of the population. “Lopsided development took place in Hyderabad. The Hyderabad city needed decentralized and holistic development and TRS will do that”, he said. The TRS government has comprehensive plan on development of Musi River, he said. The plan includes six lane roads for 42 km before the river enters the Old city to where it ends city, he explained.

Speaking on Hussain Sagar lake, KTR alleged that the Opposition parties were obstructing the government’s efforts in cleansing the lake. The highly polluted water from nalas was joining Hussain Sagar, he said, adding that the TRS government has separated the main polluted nala which comes from Kukatpally. Opining on announcing mayor candidate, he said the TRS party has no such tradition of announcing the mayor candidate before the elections. He said the TRS party will announce their manifesto within four days.

Earlier, K T Ramarao released the TUWJ, HUJ Media diaries-2016 and Telangana Photo Journalists Association’s calendar on the occasion.

Peddapally MP Balka Suman, Armur MLA Jeevan Reddy, SC Corporation Chairman Pidamarthi Ravi, IJU secretary-general D Amar, former secretary general K Sreenivas Reddy, TUWJ leaders N Shekar, K Virahat Ali, HUJ leaders T Koti Reddy, Veljala Chandrashekar, Telangana Photo Journalists Association president A Gangadhar and others participated in the program. (NSS)