Demolition drive in Hyderabad, Civic officials almost kill 60-year-old man Inside the house

In an incident which highlights the negligence of civic officials, the revenue workers nearly killed a 60-year-old man as they undertook a demolition drive for pulling down the illegal structures in Hyderabad.

According to sources the incident happened in Alwal area at Devender Nagar on Saturday, where enthusiastic revenue officials of the Ranga Reddy district administration demolished the house without noticing the old man inside it.

As house was being dismantled, a wall fell on 60-year-old Srinivas, who was sleeping inside his house, and soon got buried in the debris. The demolition squad failed to hear the victim’s cry for help due to the noise of the earth-mover.

Soon the officials realized that a human is inside crying for help, they removed debris and rescued Srinivas.

Srininvas rushes to hospital who suffered bleeding injuries. However his condition was said to be out of danger.

After the incident, angry locals got into heated arguments with the revenue authorities for their negligence.

Later, the Jawaharnagar police registered a case against the revenue officials for allegedly not giving any notice prior to demolition and negligence.