Illegal Hookah served at Mojo’s reason for Kamala Mills Fire, says Report

Mumbai: The illegal hookah served at Mojo’s Bistro is believed to be the cause behind the fire that broke out on 29 December at Kamala Mills reveals preliminary investigation reports by the Mumbai fire brigade.

The report says the fire that started at Mojo’s spread to the adjacent pub “1 Above” which reported killed people trapped in the toilet who have been reported to have died due to suffocation.

“It was revealed from most of the eyewitnesses that hookah was served at Mojo’s restaurant at the time of fire… There is every possibility that during removal of lighted charcoal from the segree (stove) and or transferring it into Hookah or during the fanning of the charcoal the flying burning embers came in contact with the combustible curtains/decorative material nearby and started the fire,” the report stated.

The report has also clearly stated none of the two restaurants – Mojo’s and 1 Above had acquired permissions from the authority to serve liquor and hookah but still they served them illegally.

The report added though there was an emergency exit, the pub staff was unaware which led to the deaths, further adding that beer kegs that were near the exit path aggravated the fire when the exploded along with cloth and bamboo used to make the roof added as a fuel to the fire.

Ajoy Mehta Mumbai municipal commissioner said the authority shall take action against the illegal constrictions and services

“We will start taking action across the city against all commercial restaurants and pubs and those who have illegal alterations. They have respite for 15 days so that they have time to remove the illegal constructions on their own without damaging their reputation,” he said, reported Times Now.