Illegal constructions at wakf property of Masjid Nana Bagh in progress under political pressure

Hyderabad: A businessman claiming to be the relative of Mr. KTR is continuing illegal construction at the Wakf property of Masjid Nana Bagh, Basheerbagh. Earlier, police had instructed to stop construction work till the final decision from the court but the said businessman has continued construction deliberately while officials of Wakf Board are silent spectators.

It is reported that the businessman claimed that he had purchased land from the farmer Mutawallis whereas no mutawalli is empowered to sell any Wakf property. The representations of the Masjid committee have become ineffective.

It is reported that the business man is influencing various department and Wakf Board. In the recently conducted survey, it was reported that 8 acre land is registered in Wakf Board. Wakf Board had recently issued notices to the occupants of apartments and shops. Few of them have replied so far. It is reported that persons close to ruling party have become hurdles in the protection of Wakf properties.

–Siasat News