Illegal buildings would be blast not dismantled – HMDA

Hyderabad: Despite actions taken by officials, people construct illegal buildings. The officials of Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) are very much worried about this situation. They have therefore decided to blast all such illegally constructed buildings instead of dismantling them.

There are 7 districts and 849 villages which come under the jurisdiction of HMDA. According to the rules, if a building of more than one storey is to be constructed, it is obligatory to obtain permission from HMDA but corrupt officials issue permissions for illegal buildings by taking bribe.

In Nizampet, Manikonda, Uppulaguda, Narsingi, Neknampur, Pragathi Nagar and Bodu Uppal, there are many illegal building complexes which have come up recently. The lower level officials of HMDA, Panchayat etc., keep their eyes shut and accord permissions by taking bribe.

CM of Telangana State, Mr. KCR expressed his wrath on all such illegal constructions. The officials of HMDA are therefore formulating “Special Drive” to check all such illegal constructions.

It may be mentioned that in Nizampet, there are many such buildings. The officials of HMDA have now decided to blast all such illegal buildings instead of dismantling them partially.

It may be noted that in Chennai, an illegally constructed 11 storey building was brought down to ground level in 3 seconds applying implosion system. In the same manner, in Rajasthan and Gujarat, by using this system, many buildings have been blast in the past.

–Siasat News