Crazy for dream job: IIT Kharagpur graduate put himself on sale

How crazy can you get to grab your dream job? Well, there are few smarts who always find some “innovative” ways to attract the attention of the employers.

Making a CV is probably the most boring part of the applying for a job, but that can become a fun task if you have the creative flair. That’s exactly what happened when an IIT Kharagpur student recently put himself on sale for a product management vacancy at Indian e-commerce Flipkart.

Yes, you read it right! An IIT-Kharagpur graduate and author of “It Wasn’t Her Fault”, Aakash wanted to apply for Flipkart’s Product Manager Profile.’ In his profile, Akash has written, When you are a 6-pointer and competing with best of the best minds of the country, you know how hard it is to land a job. You start doing some crazy and random stuff to stand out from the crowd. This is my resume for Flipkart’s APM Profile.



flipkart 2

Though he hasn’t bagged the job yet, his “out-of-the-box resume” has been getting him a lot of compliments.

We wish all the very best to Aakash.