IHC bans ‘Black Friday’ sale throughout Pakistan

Islamabad [Pakistan]: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has banned the festival sale under the ‘Black Friday’ banner throughout Pakistan, calling it ‘contrary to Islamic teachings’.

The Express Tribune reported that the petitioner, in this regard, has made the federal government a party through secretary information, secretary religious affairs, chairman Pemra, district magistrate, chief commissioner and chairman Council of Islamic Ideology (CII).

The petitioner, while presenting the case, argued that the Almighty has called Friday the chief of all weekly days, therefore calling it ‘black’ was a crime.

“According to dictionary, Black Friday means ill-fated or black day. Hence, the court must ban celebration of Black Friday on November 24 in Pakistan,” he demanded.

He added that the government officials must also be barred from attending ceremonies under the same banner.

Black Friday, an alien term to the Pakistani culture, marks the start of Christmas discount sales season, particularly in the UK and the USA. (ANI)