Ignored Husband attacks wife with Knife as she watches ‘Pakistani Drama’

Pune: In a peculiar incident reported a man allegedly attacked wife with a knife for ignoring him and watching a Pakistani drama.

Asif Sattar Nayab, 40, was arrested from Pune’s Salisbury Park area after his injured wife filed a complaint against him on Monday evening, TN reports.

The woman stated that the earlier in the day, the couple had quarreled. In the meantime, when their son brought in a damaged milk packet, she diverted her attention to scold the kid.

The husband started scolding her on seeing the that and argument went on until evening.

It was when he returned home in the evening after work the wife went to her bedroom and started watching a show on her mobile phone, he lost his temper and attacked her with a knife for ignoring him and giving importance to the mobile phone which resulted in a broken thumb.

Further investigation in the case is underway.