Ignorance of language lands Omani couple into trouble, cheated by their compatriot

Hyderabad: Banjara Hills Police arrested an Omani national for cheating his compatriot.

According to the report of the police, Ammad Gullad (25) cheated his own compatriot.

As per the details, Abdullah Nazeer and his wife Hajira Mohammed Ali were cheated for Rs.7 Lakh.

Abdullah had come to Hyderabad for the treatment of his bladder cancer. He got himself treated at Mumbai initially. Later, he shifted to Hyderabad.

Hajira had posted a message in Arabic on Facebook in which she had sought help from Indians.

After it, Ammad advised them to come to Hyderabad for treatment. They came to Hyderabad and received treatment at Virinchi Hospital at Banjara Hills.

Hospital management gave a bill for Rs.3.5 lakh for the treatment but Ammad got Rs 12 lakh from this couple.

Hajira did not know any other language except Arabic. Taking advantage of her ignorance, Ammad deceived her.

Banjara Hills police arrested Ammad. He was presented in a court of law. The magistrate sent him to jail.

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