Iftaar parties, clothes not required, reservations are essential

Hyderabad: TRS Govt. completed four years of its rule but Muslims are disappointed since most of the important promises made by KCR have not been fulfilled.

With the start of Ramadan, Iftaar parties and distribution of clothes programs are organized in city and districts as well.

These programs are organized to please the Muslims. It is evident that such programs are not helpful in the educational and economic development of the Muslims. Such tactics are adopted to pose as secular and supporters of Muslim community. TRS has been continuing the tradition of Iftaar party which was initiated by Congress party which was also continued by TDP.

It may be mentioned that TRS had made a promise that it would provide 12% reservation to Muslims but even after the lapse of four years, this promise remains unfulfilled. In the meetings organized by the Muslims, announcements are made that government is serious about providing reservations but there seems to be no practical action in this regard.

Merely with the passing of bills in Assembly and Council, reservations are not possible. Central Govt. had rejected these resolutions saying that they are unconstitutional. TRS Govt. claimed that it would respond to the objections raised by the Center but no progress had been made in this regard.

KCR had declared that in case the Center rejects the proposal for reservations, he would approach the Supreme Court (SC) but even after the lapse of six months, no action has been taken to go to SC. By approaching SC, extra reservations could have been obtained as it is being implemented by Govt. of Tamil Nadu wherein 69% reservations are being given.

It may be possible that the issue of reservation could be raised before the General Elections of 2019. In such a situation, TS government might make a new announcement or file a petition in SC. The objective of TRS Govt. is to seek the support of Muslims even if it is by making false promises.

TRS govt. has to face questions from the public regarding Metro Train service in Old City, Construction of 2BHK and other schemes. On these projects, the government has not shown any seriousness. A promise has been made that metro rail project would start next year. It is nothing but an election promise. So far, the construction of 2BHK houses has not taken place in Old City. People demand that they don’t want Iftaar parties and clothes. They want 12% reservation. By spending Rs. 25 crore on Iftaar parties and distribution of clothes, Muslims are not going to be benefited. It is the tactics of gaining cheap popularity.

It may be mentioned that in the first week of June, CM has plans to arrange Iftaar party in Hyderabad. The distribution of clothes to poor Muslims would start on 31st May. These garments are bought at the rate of Rs. 600 per pair.

It is a well-known fact within this amount, a good quality of sari, shirt, shalwar or kurta and pyjama cannot be bought. It remains to be seen how a company can supply a pair of clothes only for Rs. 600.

Govt. should take concrete steps to benefit the Muslims to provide 12% reservation instead of pleasing them in the name of Iftaar parties and distribution of clothes.

–Siasat News