Iftaar Parties in 800 Masajid in TS on 18th June – Distribution of clothes also

Hyderabad: Govt. of Telangana has decided to organize mass Iftaar parties in 800 masajid of the State on 18th June. On 16th June, clothes would be distributed to 4 lakh poor Muslims as Ramadan gift.

Mr. Syed Omer Jaleel, IAS, Secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare issued orders which says that in GHMC limits 420 masajid would be covered in 24 Assembly constituencies. For every masjid, Iftaar and dinner for 500 persons would be arranged and 500 gift packets containing clothes would be distributed. In every Assembly constituency, two masajid and in the area of corporator, one masjid would be selected. In addition to these arrangements, in 24 masajid and orphanages of Shia and Mahdavia sects, Iftaar parties would be arranged and clothes would be distributed. In all, 420 masajid would be covered.

It may be mentioned that last year, Govt. distributed clothes to two lakh poor Muslims. This year, the number has been doubled. In 95 Assembly constituencies from the districts, 380 masajid have been selected. Every MLA would suggest the names of four masajid. A sum of Rs. 200 per head would be given to collectors to meet these expenses. In addition to it, a gift packet of 500 kits would be given to every masjid which would be released by the Dept. of Minorities Welfare. Collectors of all the districts have been requested to get the names of four masajid and their bank account numbers so that amounts could be credited directly into their accounts. Masajid would be selected from slum areas. It is the responsibility of Masajid committees to see that clothes are distributed to widows, destitute women and orphan children. Commissioner of GHMC had already taken the names of two masajid from every corporator. The CEO of Wakf Board will get the lists of four masajid from the MLAs.

Clothes to be distributed in GHMC area would be released from Haj House. CEO of Wakf Board would deposit Re. 1 lakh in the account of every masjid committee to meet Iftaar expenses. In addition to this, the chairman of every masjid committee would be given 500 gift packs of clothes. In order to examine the quality of the clothes, a flying squard would be constituted by the Director of Minorities Welfare. A team consisting of the officials from the departments of Minorities Welfare, Police and textile would monitor the packing of clothes. The supply of gift packets of clothes would be completed by 14th June.

–Siasat News