Women in public sphere could lead to violence and disaster: says Kerala Muslim cleric

Malabar: Kerala Sunni Muslim leader Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musaliar has sparked a controversy by saying women lead to disaster and violence if they come out in public spheres. The Chief of Sunni Youth Society said that unlike men, women should not come out in public spheres. “If women come forward that could lead to violence and disaster”, he added.

Kanthapuram was speaking at a programme organised by Sunni Youth Society when he said, “Islam has not permitted women to come into public and it has certain reasons. There are examples to substantiate this view,” India Today quoted him.

Recently a professor in Kerala had come under criticism after he said that Muslim girls were not wearing hijab properly and exposing their chests like ‘sliced watermelon’. This had started a protest on social media, where women posted bare-chested photographs to condemn his statement.

A complaint was also registered against the professor but the police have not made an arrest. Kanthapuram has been criticized for his sexist remark.