‘If life gives you Kumar – Be Ravish, not Akshay’

NEW DELHI: Taking cues from the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s completely ‘informal’ and ‘non-political’ interview of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, news anchor Ravish Kumar transformed his regular prime-time slot on NDTV into an ‘apolitical’ on Wednesday, 24 April.

“We thought of doing something different tonight,” he added.

Picking the question especially mangoes, Kumar- Ravish and not Akshay said, “If politicians are indulging in non-political interactions, especially during the election season, why shouldn’t we? Why not eat mangoes instead,” Ravish declared, in his show.

During his “non-political” interaction, Akshay’s first question to PM Modi is, “Does Prime Minister Narendra Modi eat mangoes? And if he does, does he cut it into pieces or eat it as a whole, with the seed?”

Of course, Twitter had thoughts on this totally ‘mango prime time’ slot.

If you give a miss, then here is the video where Ravish Kumar decodes ‘non- political’ PM Modi-Akshay chat

YouTube video