If a gunman targets Mosques, Republicans will have blood on their hands: CNN debate

Atlanta: CNN panelist Rula Jebreal said Republican rhetoric on Muslims is getting to a point where if a gunman goes into a mosque to kill people, people like Donald Trump and Ben Carson will have “blood on their hands.”

These Republican presidential candidates including Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson will incite Americans to “go to a mosque … and start shooting people.”

Jebreal told Don Lemon she’s very disturbed by anti-Muslim sentiment.

JEBREAL: Sadly, in the Republican base, this is what’s appealing to them today… What happened with Trump — we are discussing the first part of what was said and Trump endorsed, which was “We have a problem called Muslims.” But there’s a second part, “how to get rid of them.” In the realm of possibility, in a country that is very armed, that somebody that will be carrying weapon will go to a mosque tomorrow, or after tomorrow, and will start shooting people. And then these people will have blood on their hands, all of them. Carson, Trump and Ted Cruz.

Jebreal was upset by the anti- Muslim response from the man who asked Donald Trump about America’s Muslim problem and Ben Carson saying Muslims should have to reject tenets of their faith if they want to be president.


Watch the video above, via CNN.