‘If Gandhi was not spared, why will you be?’: Akhila Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha

Hyderabad: The Akhila Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha turned heads again in Mangalore on Saturday for statements which provoked communal disharmony.

The secretary of the Mahasabha Dharmendra was discussing the demolition of temples in Karnataka and challenged chief minister of Karnataka Basavaraj Bommai on the same.

“If Mahatma Gandhi wasn’t spared for attacking Hindus, what makes you think we will spare you?” questioned the secretary.

This is not the first time the Mahasabha has made statements which were provocative and communal in nature. In October 2020, the party opposed the release of a movie titled Laxmmi Bomb claiming that it hurt sentiments of Hindus.

The current statement was made in connection with the demolition of temples at the North Gate of the Mysuru Palace as well as the breaking down of the Adishakti Mahadevamma temple at Huchgani village in Karnataka.

In fact, an Urdu news editor from a local paper was attacked by the Hindu Jagran Vedike a day ago, at the Vedike’s protest on the demolition of temples.

As things stand, no FIR has been launched against Dharmendra or the Mahasabha for their statements on Gandhi’s killing.