Ideological intolerance created by those against nationalist govt: Ramdev

New Delhi: Yoga guru Ramdev on Monday alleged that ideological intolerance in the country is being created by people, including international mafia, who “cannot accept” a nationalist government at the Centre.

“… This ideological intolerance is being created by those who cannot accept a nationalist government at the Centre. The people who have ideological difference with the present government, whose principles and policies are different, especially the international mafia, their agents are creating an environment that religious intolerance is spreading in India,” he said here.

He claimed that during UPA rule, Congress President Sonia Gandhi was “ruling this country indirectly. Then no one questioned. Why this colour is being given (now) that India is ruled by a Hindu Taliban? This is a very bad thing (to say)… there is no truth in this allegation (of intolerance) but there is a definitely a conspiracy.”

He said if a tea seller’s son born in a backward caste becomes the prime minister, “why are they getting stomach aches.”

His remarks came close on the heels of Union minister VK Singh contending that debate over intolerance in India is an “unnecessary” creation of very imaginative minds being “paid with a lot of money”.

Ramdev claimed hospitals and education institutions are run to convert people’s religion and allurement is offered for the purpose. “We have cured many people in this country but we have not converted a single person. But such type of activities happen in India,” he said.

Refusing to respond on the setback faced by BJP in Bihar polls, he said he has no stake in that and it was for the political parties to explain their victory or defeat.

“When I supported Narendra Modi, it was a different scenario when there were scams. There was corruption everywhere. Nepotism and dynastic politics were deep-rooted. Today we have turned our focus to yoga kranti and shiksha kranti. If some problem arises in politics in the future, we will talk about it then,” he said.

To a poser on Uttar Pradesh minister Mohd Azam Khan’s reported remarks that Paris terror attacks were a reaction to the action by US-led alliance, Ramdev said such comments affect India’s image internationally.