Ideological differences should be resolved through dialogue, not through violence: Dalai Lama

The Nobel Prize winner Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama said ideological differences should be resolved through dialogue and not through violence. He said dialogue is the only solution for resolving ideological differences. The dialogue will be successful if views of opposite parties are respected and their interests are taken into consideration, the spiritual leader said.

Lamenting upon the creation of weapons especially nuclear weapons he said “if it continues, the 21st century would be a century of disaster”, he warned. He was addressing the first convocation of the Central University of Jammu (CUJ) as chief guest.

He said world’s population is 7 billion, people at various places have different ideologies. Differences will always be there. But in order to face these differences, the use of force cannot be justified. The said violence leads to counter violence and the cycle continues unabated.

India needs to play its role in ensuring a peaceful 21st century, he said. He told students that they are the future of India and the world. The world presently has too much violence and it seems that the 20th century belongs to armies, he said.