Identity Mistaken: Moroccan woman turn Europe’s first female suicide bomber

Rabat: In a case of mistaken identity, the Daily Mail has published a Moroccan woman’s bath selfie, depicting her as Hasna Aït Boulahcen-Europe’s so-called “first female suicide bomber”.

Beni Mellal-born Nabila Bakkatha , the professional instructor says that her images were landed in the hands of an English journalist and used without her consent .

Lived in France for a while, Nabila befriended a womana so-called Fouzia,with whom she shared some photographs who later sold her photos to English press.

“I have no connection to Hasna or terrorism. The journalist didn’t research anything, he just published what he got,” Nabila told AJ+.

Nabila interrogated by police for 4 hours in relation to the alleged misuse of her private photos.

Nabila said: “My life changed drastically, I stopped going to work, and I cannot go out anymore as I live in continuous fear,” she commented, adding: “I am sure I will face a lot of problems if I travel to France.”

“Journalists visited me at my house, apologizing for having done this. They justify their actions by the resemblance to the real cousin of Abdelhamid Abaaoud,” she told Le360.

The Daily Mail, the first to broadcast the pictures of Nabila and mistakenly presenting her as Hasna as “first female suicide bomber”
removed the images of Nabila from their websites but have yet to comment.