Identity cards suggested for Deeni Madrasa students

Hyderabad: Hafiz Peer Shabbir Ahmed in a press statement released advised the managements of Deeni Madrasas to issue identity cards to their steudets when they go to their native places during vacation in Ramazan. These identity cards should depict the name of the student, father’s name, residential address, school address school phone number and cell numbers of the students and their parents.

The students should be handed over to their parents and they should be advised to bring them back of the vacation.

This advice has been issued in the wake of the incident which took place at Vishakapatnam Railway station. More than 160 students belonging to 15 Deeni Madrasas were stopped on the suspicion that they are being taken for child labour. The police assaulted the students and their teachers. After the efforts of State Jamiatul Ulema the teachers and the students were released.

–Siasat News