`Ideal number` of sex partners you should have had is 10

London: A team of researchers has claimed to have the ‘ goldilocks’ answer to the question: What number of ex-lovers to have before settling down?

The online survey for Britain’s biggest extra-marital dating site IllicitEncouters.com, wherein 1,000 people took part, found that ten is perceived as the ideal number of lovers to have had for both men and women, the Independent reported.

The poll suggests those who had more than 10 sexual partners were considered promiscuous, while having fewer than 10 would be considered sexually inexperienced.

It also found men in particular are more wary of women who had a higher score than 10 and any number above 20 was considered a turn-off, chosen by 3 per cent of women and 4 per cent of men.

Christian Grant, a spokesman for IllicitEncounters.com, said that the dating game is changing very quickly as people are becoming a lot more tolerant and sexually adventurous. (ANI)