ICSE’s Class VI textbook blames ‘Azaan’ for noise pollution

NEW DELHI: In a sensational development, the ICSE text book has equated Azaan (Islamic call for prayer) with noise pollution.

The 6th standard science textbook carrying ‘objectionable content about Islam’ blames the sound of coming from mosques as one of the causes of noise pollution.

The book is called Integrated Science for Class 6th students of ICSE were published by Selina Publishers of Daryaganj, New Delhi.

The picture on page 202, lesson 13, shows a fast moving trains, cars, airplane and also of a man in frustration shutting his ears right in front of a mosque while explaining the causes of noise pollution.

The picture has now gone viral on social media platforms with angry users asking why festivals and rituals of other religion were not shown to illustrate other forms of the pollutions they create.

According to Janta Ka Reporter, Hemant Gupta, the owner of the publication apologised for the ‘mistake’ and hurting the sentiments saying to rectified the mistake in their subsequent edition but has not given any assurance to withdraw the thousands of its copies that have already been circulated in school across India.

The depiction led to an online petition demanding to recall of the books promoting Islamophobia.

In April this year, Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam had caused a huge controversy through a series of tweets blaming Azaan, the call to the faithful to come to prayer causing noise pollution.