Ice-cream units raided in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad Task Force police on Wednesday raided several local ice-cream manufacturing units and confectionary shops in the city and seized ice creams and confectionaries prepared by using chemicals.

37-year-old, Ram Singh R/O Ziaguda was preparing Agra Petha sweet by using white wash cement, alum, sodium hydrosulphite and other artificial food colours.

Police raided his residence located at Shah Inayat Gun, Jummerat Bazaar and seized adulterated items.

Similarly 45-year-old, P Ashok, R/O Musheerabad proprietor of Sindhu food lines was preparing ice-cream by using hazardous chemical substances.

Police seized chemicals and artificial flavors from both the places.

The Task Force had also launched a crackdown on Tuesday on various forms of adulteration, with 15 dairy farms raided and 15 persons arrested on charges of using banned drug oxytocin in order to boost milk production in buffaloes. Six others were also arrested for adulteration of substances like ginger-garlic, honey-based sweets, ‘saunf’, and even packaged drinking water.