Ibrahimpur spirit for cashless transactions: CM

Chief Minister  K Chandrashekhar Rao has instructed the officials concerned to initiate some more measures to encourage and promote cashless transactions in the State. He said that Ibrahimpur village became a model village by becoming cashless transactions village under Siddipet Assembly segment and hoped that the Segment itself will become, for the first time, a

cashless transactions Constituency in the State. He wanted the same spirit should continue and the State should become cashless transactions State in the near future.


The Chief Minister on Monday held a review meeting on the State’s strategy to be framed in the backdrop of the Centre taking several important fiscal measures including the demonetization of the currency notes of Rs 500, Rs 1000 denomination. Senior officials  S Narsing Rao,  Ramakrishna Rao,

Navin Mittal and others participated.


Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister reiterated that the policies like demonetization are taken by the Centre, which is in their purview, and the state has no role to play. But the policies like demonetization of notes and its adverse impact is on the state and its people. The Centre wants the people to move towards digital transactions and there is no availability of cash with banks. People are facing hardships and problems. At this juncture, the State cannot become a mere spectator. It has to take steps and initiate measures to mitigate the suffering of the people and at the same time encourage people to switch over to the cashless transactions, the CM observed.

“People should be educated to use the swiping machines, ATM, Credit, Debit Cards and other mobile applications meant for the financial transactions. There are some Apps, which require no Internet connectivity. Awareness should be created among the people on these modern applications and technology. The Banks should also organise programmes in this direction. There is a need to open more ATMs and upgrade their Servers. The government should have close coordination with the banks. Since Siddipet Assembly segment was taken as a pilot project for the cashless transactions, ATMs, Swipe machines and other required equipment and infrastructure to be made available in the Constituency. He wanted the officials to identify the bottlenecks for the implementation of cashless transactions system and try to clear them.


The Chief Minister said that by re-organisation of the districts, the biggest administrative reform is brought in the State. Administrative wings have come within the reach of the people. The fruits of these reforms should reach the public. The District Collectors should play a pro-active role in the implementation of the development and welfare schemes. In all the districts there should be an integrated Collector’s office complex. In the new districts sites should be identified for the constructions of Collectorates and SP office buildings. Funds for this purpose will be allocated in the State Budget.


In the Collectors conference to be held on December 14, a discussion will be held on the benefits of having new districts. All the officials concerned should come to the Conference with a comprehensive reports and data. On the action taken cashless transactions, status of various projects and programmes like Mission Bhagiratha, Mission Kakatiya, irrigation projects, condition of state run

hospitals, Residential schools, Haritha Haram, Sada Bainama, the Collectors should be given a direction and road maps, the CM said. (NSS)