This is how IAF evacuated boy with multiple fractures in flood-hit Gujarat

Gandhinagar (Gujarat) [India]: Indian Air Force (IAF) has rescued a teenage boy with multiple fractures in the lower body, who was struck in flood hit Bismillahgarh Village in Patan District.

On Friday evening at around 1815hrs, Captain of IAF MI-17V5 Helicopter Wing Commander Vikram Thiagaraman was tasked to evacuate a teenage boy with multiple fractures in the lower body from a spot close to Bismillahgarh Village in Patan District.

When he received information, his chopper was engaged in dropping of relief material over Dudhaghat.

Wing Commander Thiagaraman had to act fast with the daylight fast fading and it nearing sunset time.

Going by the description of the physical condition of the injured, it was evident that the boy would need to be evacuated using a ‘cradle’.

What presented a problem was that the aircraft was on a relief material dropping mission and hence not in a state ready to undertake winching operations.

After a quick word with his co-pilot Squadron Leader M K Lamoria, Wing Commander Thiagaraman decided to undertake the modification in flight, bearing in mind – the life at stake.

The three other crew members on board, got down to the job and after great effort successfully carried out the rare in flight modification and ascertained it’s safety and serviceability while the Aircrew flew the aircraft to the spot located close to Bismillahgarh.

Once overhead the village marooned in flood waters – they were faced by another problem. There were a lot of HT Cables around the area and Windmills in the vicinity with the visibility fast dropping.

The crew, maintaining extreme alertness very skillfully lowered the cradle while hovering over a clear patch keeping clear of all obstructions in the vicinity. The people on ground helped place the badly injured 17-year-old boy Bheema into the cradle along with his father to support him.

The two were winched to safety and taken on board the hovering ‘angel of mercy’. They were flown and carefully handed over to the officials of the District Administration after landing at Thara for immediate medical assistance at the well equipped medical camp set up there for flood victims. (ANI)