I will welcome Chand with shoes: Fiza

Chandigarh, June 02: Fiza, the estranged second wife of former Haryana deputy chief minister Chand Mohammed alias Chander Mohan, on Monday questioned the authenticity of the ‘talaq’ or divorce given to her by Chand over the phone from London and wanted reasons for his “betrayal”.
“Nobody recognises the divorce given over the phone. Even the Muslim religion says that divorce is valid only if it is given in the presence of a Kazi (Muslim priest) and two sureties, who are physically present there,” Fiza aka Anuradha Bali told reporters here on Monday evening.

Her outburst follows reports that Chand has arrived in New Delhi from London.

Lashing out at Chand, she said: “When I am going to meet him, I will welcome him by hitting him with shoes. He cannot run away from me and he has to come here to answer my questions. I wanted explanations and reasons behind his betrayal.”

Fiza said that she had told the media months back that Chand would return to India only after the elections.

“Now you can see it yourself that after the elections his illness has suddenly vanished and he has returned,” stated Fiza.

“Now one thing is sure that I will not allow his fading political career to be revived. Wherever he goes for campaigning, I will run campaigns against him and also stand against him in the elections,” she added.

Mohan and Bali embraced Islam and got married secretly in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut city in November last year. The two changed their names to Chand Mohammed and Fiza.

Chand lost his job as Haryana’s high-profile deputy chief minister in December last year after he emerged from a more than 40-day hiding with a new name, religion and wife.

The marriage went sour soon after.

Since January, he went virtually underground after he suddenly left Fiza’s house in Sector 48 of Mohali town.

Fiza has also accused former Haryana chief minister Bhajan Lal of shielding his son by using his influential status in Haryana.