I will fight and achieve SC Categorisation: CM

Expressing serious displeasure at the opposition parties for playing spoilsport, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today said in the State Assembly that he will fight for the Scheduled Castes categorisation.

Reply to the debate on Motion of thanks to Governor for his Speech, the chief minister offered to take on the Centre for achieving the pending goal of categorisation. Being a member of cabinet sub-committee earlier, he had argued in favour of the SCs as injustice was meted out to them, he said. He will wage a fight at the Centre and the SC leaders and students should cooperate with him, he appealed.

The State Government has already passed a resolution in this regard and he will present it again. Besides approval by Assembly, Cabinet and the opposition giving stamp of nod, categorisation is set aside by the Centre, he fumed. The Centre is not responding though He had offered a copy of the resolution to Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Deputy Chief Minister K Srihari, he said. This adamant attitude of the Centre is compelling the state government to go in for massive protests in national capital, he vowed. KCR further said that at any cost he will achieve SC categorisation by fighting tooth and nail with the Centre.

MRPS leader Manda Krishan Madiga was arrested for joining hands with the congress for a conspiracy against Telugu Mahasabas. Such arrests will continue if they failed to mend ways and ‘I promise to achieve the classification for the SCs’, KCR said. BJP leader Kishan Reddy should go to Delhi and stage a protest if he is really committed for SC categorisation, KCR said. (NSS)