I want to work with Steven Spielberg: S. Sreesanth

Mumbai: Former cricketer turned actor S. Sreesanth, who is trying to make his space in showbiz with reality television shows and films, says he aspires to work in a Hollywood movie with Steven Spielberg.

Does he have a wish list of filmmakers he wants to work with?

Sreesanth told IANS: “I want to work with Steven Spielberg…whether it is a small role or big in a Hollywood movie, it will be a lifetime experience for me. It will be a dream come true for me. And I always believe that anything can happen in life. I look at my life journey as a miracle.”

Explaining why, he said: “I was born in a small village in Kerala. From there, I went on to play for the Kerala state team and international test cricket for India, and now I am working in TV shows and cinema… Any miracle can happen. So yes, working in a Hollywood movie with Spielberg would be ‘something’.”

Sreesanth has acted in the Richa Chadha-starrer film “Cabaret”, produced by Pooja Bhatt and Bhushan Kumar, and directed by Kaustav Narayan Niyogi.

On his experience of working in the film, Sreesanth said: “Firstly, I would like to thank Pooja di who took the courage to cast me in the film because when I worked in the film, I was new. I am a cricketer and nobody has seen me as a proper actor. In my first Hindi film, working in the presence of Mahesh Bhatt, Richa Chadha, Gulshan Grover… I am really happy that way.”

According to him, acting and arts was a much natural choice for him after cricket as he loves sports and acting equally.

“Stepping into the world of acting was natural to me I guess, because in my family, so many people are into arts, music and acting. In fact, I was the only black sheep that way, who became a sportsman. My father acted in Malayalam films, sister is an actress in Malayalam TV shows, my brother is a musician, my brother-in-law is also a singer.

“I always loved cinema, but I loved cricket too. I think in this short span of life, I have managed to do everything that I love.”

“I am lucky that I have got the opportunity to act in different languages. My latest film ‘Team 5′ released in Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil. I have got a Marathi film offer too.”

Having been a cricketer who spent hours on the ground and practised his game with a certain discipline, how does he deal with the new work culture in the entertainment world?

“Every profession has a different discipline. As a sportsman, I had a different discipline — practice, gymming, eating…but even when I am acting in a film, eight hours’ rest is important because if my body is not well rested, it shows in my eyes and my skin looks dehydrated. The camera captures all the flaws. So I am living a controlled life here too… Having said that, yes I miss the cricket ground.”

Asked if he was the best entertainer in the dressing room of the Indian cricket team during his time, he said, “No no, Bhajji pa (Harbhajan Singh) is the best, I would say, followed by Yuvi pa (Yuvraj Singh). I was good at the party scene, I used to dance.”