“I want justice for my son” father of lynched Muslim victim

“I want justice for my son” father of lynched Muslim victim
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Alwar: Father of 28-year-old Akbar Khan who was lynched to death on Friday night on suspicion of cow smuggling demands justice for his son.

With no law and order in place against these cow vigilantes, the lynching of innocent minority community people has been on the rise with no cap on the crime.

Akbar Khan was reportedly lynched to death by a mob while he was transporting two cows from his native Kolganv village in Haryana to Ramgarh’s Lalwandi village.

“The cows were sent to cowshed. Two suspects were taken to police station from the spot and were later arrested after we found their involvement.

Investigation is being done to find other culprits. Postmortem of the body is being done,” IG Jaipur range said.

“Akbar Khan, a resident of Kolgaon in Haryana, and another man were taking two cows to their village through a forest area near Lalawandi village in Alwar last night, when a group of people severely thrashed Khan,” reports Officer Subhash Sharma, Ramgarh police station.

“It is not clear if they were cow smugglers. The body has been sent for postmortem, We are trying to identify the culprits and arrests will be made soon,” Anil Beniwal, senor police officer in Alwar told news agency ANI.

The father of the deceased victim Suleiman, is now demanding justice agasint the mob that has sacked his son to death.

“We want justice. The culprits should be arrested soon,” he was quoted as saying.

Rajasthan CM while condemning the crime took to twitter and said: The incident of alleged lynching of a person transporting bovines in Alwar district is condemnable. Strictest possible action shall be taken against the perpetrators.

While Rajasthan’s Home Minister GC Kataria said; “We’ll take strict action against those responsible. We cannot guarantee that murders will stop immediately if we make a law against it. But we’re trying to make laws stricter.”

Killing innocent Muslims and other minorities on religious beliefs of Cow is widely exhibited across all states in India.

While this latest lynching comes just four days after India’s Apex court had asked to enact a new penal provision to deal with this mob violence, stringent rules and laws should soon be enacted to stop this criminality against minorities in India.