I studied till class 3 yet politicians bowed down to me: Asaram told women

Jodhpur: The disgraceful godman Asaram, who has been awarded life-long jail term by the Jodhpur special POSCO court for raping a teenage girl, did not only believe that there is no sin for Brahmagyani for sexually exploiting girls but also believed there is no virtue in education. Asaram would tell women that he studied till class three yet ISP officers and politicians would bow down to him.

According to one of the prosecution witnesses, Mahendra Singh, Asaram would call women on the pretext of career counselling and tell them: “What will you do by studying and if you are with me, then I will make people worship you and they will fall at your feet. I have studied only till class 3 but even judges, IPS officers and politicians bow down to me.”

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Singh also told the court that he had seen several women enter the hut or ‘kutia’ of Asaram’s son Narayan Sai and once saw him in a compromising position with a woman, The Indian Express reported.

According to another prosecution witness, Rahul K Sachar, Asaram would have non-vegetarian food and would name onion and garlic in code words such as ‘kasturi’ and ‘kesar’.

One more prosecution witness and Asaram’s follower, Ajay Kumar, told the court that Asaram scolded and abused the women who sent girls to him if the ‘godman’ was not ‘satisfied’ with them.