‘I respect Hinduism but not what BJP promotes’ Urmila slams BJP

New Delhi: Bollywood Actress-turned politician Urmila Matondkar was first converted to Islam by online trolls and now a criminal complaint has been filed against her.

Dismissing the complaint against her as bogus and baseless Congress’ Lok Sabha candidate Urmila Matondkar said that she respects Hinduism but not in what BJP wants to promote, News18 reports.

“I believe in Hinduism which embraces benevolent concepts of Wasudhaiv Kutumbakam and Ahimsa Paramodharma. This is the Hinduism promoted by our great forefathers and Lokmanya Tilak, Gandhiji, Vivekanand and Sardar Patel. I believe in, love and respect Hinduism in this sense and not in what BJP wants to promote,” she said in a statement on Sunday.

Ever since she has joined Congress party the actress has been “victimised” like many others in BJP rule.

“Unfortunately, today raising voice against BJP ideology and speaking the truth amounts to committing a crime. I have been victimised like so many others in last 5 years by BJP. I deplore this aggressive and hostile policy of BJP,” she added.

Mumbai BJP worker Suresh Nakhua has filed the criminal complaint with Powai Police station against Urmila for her alleged “anti-Hindu” remarks that has hurt the community’s sentiments.

He claimed Urmila said, “Hinduism is the most violent religion in the world”.