‘I don’t do caste politics like PM Modi’: BJP’s Rajveer Singh Diler

Jabalpur: In a bizarre incident, a Madhya Pradesh BJP MLA”>BJP MLA was heard saying that “he does not do caste politics like Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

The incident came to light after BJP legislator Rajveer Singh Diler’s video went viral on social media.

Singh later denied saying that his speech was misconstrued.

Singh, while addressing a gathering at an event in Jabalpur on Tuesday for distribution of gas connection, can be heard saying: “I never do cast politics just the way as our Prime Minister does. For me, both Hindu and Muslim are equal. Nowadays, Muslims, don’t think that if BJP comes to power they will be neglected. For the BJP, a person irrespective of caste, creed and religion is equal.”

The BJP MLA”>BJP MLA also urged the public to vote for his party in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

“Elections are just around the corner, I request you all to please vote for BJP and make Narendra Modi the prime minister for the second consecutive time,” he said.