I am neither hired nor fired: Dr Kafeel narrates his agony

I am neither hired nor fired:  Dr Kafeel narrates his agony

Padrauna: The government is making me a scapegoat. I was also kept in jail. I am being punished for doing human service. I am neither hired not fired. This agony was narrated by Paediatrician Dr Kafeel Khan who was accused in connection with the death of infants at the state-run BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur last year. I am not even allowed to run a free medical camp, he said. He said the doctor’s responsibility is to save patients’ lives, I did what I felt was right at that time. The court also acquitted me for lack of evidence, now the government should give me a proper answer so that I can plan for my future. Recently I was arrested from the Bahraich district hospital and the police kept me in the vehicle for 24 hours, I was mentally tortured.

Answering to a question Dr Kafeel said the company which supplies oxygen has been demanding for the remaining amount for nearly 6 months. Right from the respective minister to the chief minister, no one has paid attention to the issue. The hospital ran short of the oxygen when it was my duty. On humanitarianism grounds, I took a step which I felt was appropriate, for which I am being punished, along with my family. I was even sent to Jail. I cannot express in words, the pain I have been going through all these days. A murder attempt was made on my brother when the chief minister of the state was present in Gorakhnath Temple. We face inhuman attitude and the killer has not been arrested yet.

It must be recalled that in August 2017, around three dozen children died due to the shortage of oxygen supply at the state-run BRD Medical College Gorakhpur.