I am destroying clerics’ earning, my life is in danger: Shia Waqf Board chief

After claiming that madrasas produce terrorists, the Shia Waqf board chief, Wasim Rizvi says he is getting death threats.

While talking to a Navbharat Times reporter, Rizvi supported his previous remark by saying: “I went to madrasas of UP’s Shahjahanpur and found that only Islamic education was given to the students. Hindus were termed as Kafirs by moulanas of madrasas.”

About prominent clerics:

“They are angry with me since I have hindered their source of income which they get by selling graves. They are doing it for many years. When one of my relatives died, his wife had to sell her jewellery for purchasing grave for her husband,” Rizvi said.

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As clerics like Kalbe Jawad are against him, Rizvi said, “Kalbe Jawad is very powerful and had connections with Samajwadi Party. Cases have been registered against me. However, I came clean after investigations. Now, three cases have been filed against me.”

On his security:

Rizvi claimed that he is getting death threats and has prepared a grave already, “I am destroying clerics’ earning (selling of graves) but they are very powerful and my life is in danger. But I will not stop this movement. I have prepared my grave and also made a tombstone.”

According to him, he had written to the government about his security, but no action has been taken apart from the deployment of a gunner, which as per him of ‘no use’.

Relation with Azam Khan:

Other than Kalbe Jawad, Azam Khan is also unhappy with Rizvi. “He was my minister and he dissolved the board during his tenure. I went to court against him. Azam is unhappy with me over Ram Mandir,” The Shia board chief said.