‘I am bothered about our future generation, do we have to fill our Graveyards?’, father of a PhD scholar-turned militant

A PhD scholar-turned militant named Manan Wani was gunned down in a joint operation by the army and Jammu and Kashmir police. He was killed in the wee hours of Thursday, around 2:30 am on October 11, the police refused to confirm his killing until the afternoon.

As per the report posted on the thewire.in, Bashir Ahmed Wani, Manan’s father talked about his son’s journey from Kashmir’s Lolab Valley to AMU and his return to the Valley to join the militancy. He also speaks of his son’s killing, how he was harassed by security forces.

Bashir said, “I lost an asset. No matter how much we want nothing or no one can bring him back. it was Allah’s order, it is him who gives us pain and grief. All I can say is Innalahi-ma-sabereen (Indeed, God is with the patient). A Muslims has to be patient. I am just worried about our future generation, what will their future be like. Do we have to fill our graveyards?”

“He was a graduate from Amar Singh College in Srinagar and passed in his examinations for a Master’s degree in Geology in the University of Kashmir. He was ranked tenth. After that, he told me he wouldn’t join the course in Kashmir. Following which he gave an exam in Aligarh Muslim University where he was ranked two. He did his masters and MPhil from AMU and this year he would have been awarded his doctorate,” he added.

“He was an angel, a glorious student and a mathematician. Earlier when the army called me in, I took all his (Manan’s) medals with me and displayed them to the army with a broken heart. Manan was an icon. He was not a single man. Our leaders must think about this,” he concluded.