‘Hypocritical’ China has always supported elements backing terrorism in India: Congress

New Delhi/ Ludhiana (Punjab): The Congress Party on Friday criticised China’s move to block India’s proposal to ban Jaish-e-Mohammed ( JeM) chief Maulana Masood Azhar, saying that Beijing’s position always supported elements that have backed terrorism in India.

“China has acted like an enemy of India that is something surprisingly the Indian government doesn’t seem to understand. India has always tried to follow path of friendship to China but china has always assisted Pakistan in the insidious manner in which they promote India. China has always supported elements that have done terrorism in India,” Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit told ANI here.

He also said that China’s design on India has always been wrong and China is inherently a nation that nether supports democracy nor human rights nor liberal values.

Echoing similar sentiments, another Congress leader Manish Tewari told ANI that the People’s Liberation Army of China and the Pakistani military establishment have very deep ties which go back many decades.

“If India expects that China would stop supporting Pakistan perfectly then we are living in a fool’s paradise. The fact that the Pakistan ISIS and the Chinese intelligence agencies has also been trying to midwife a solution in Afghanistan between the Taliban and the Afghan Government where the US is also deeply involved,” Tewari said.

“Therefore, in this fight against terrorism, India will have to stand for itself rather than relying on the United States of America or China which have their own interest in the region,” he added.

In a major disappointment for India, China collaborated with Pakistan to block New Delhi’s proposal to ban Masood Azhar.

Following the attack on the Indian Air Force Base in Pathankot killing seven Indian military personnel, India has called on the United Nations for immediate action to list Azhar under the al-Qaida Sanctions Committee.

According to sources, 14 out of 15 countries were willing to designate Azhar but China alone decided to go against all the others in the bid.

The US, UK and France had strongly supported the move and the other nations had also expressed their consent to proceed with the action on Azhar.

But China, one of the five permanent members of the UN group with veto powers, collaborated with Pakistan to block the bid, sources add.

China is now the only country that has stood up for Masood Azhar more than once. (ANI)