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Hypocrisy: When Owaisi declared innocent Zahid more dangerous than Shahid Bilal

Hypocrisy: When Owaisi declared innocent Zahid more dangerous than Shahid Bilal
(Left to Right): Haji, Kaleem and Zahid, accused in 2005 Task Force Office Blast aquitted after 10 years

HYDERABAD: It is said that the politicians are the biggest hypocrites among all walks of life. The latest example is Hyderabad’s Member of Parliament Asaduddin Owaisi.

As the news of acquittal of ten innocent Muslim youths appeared, Owaisi hit his twitter handle reacting to the verdict of the court on 2005 Task Force Office Blast and questions ‘will the investigating officers be made accountable’?

The AIMIM president took to his tweeter handle and wrote, “2005 Hyderabad Task Force Bomb Blast all 10 accused exonerated by court, explosive substance found at site & produced by pros didn’t match (sic),” he tweeted.

However, in an exclusive interview to Hindustan Times in 2007, Owaisi claimed Mohammed Abdul Zahid more dangerous and his brother Shahid Bilal.

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According to HT, Owaisi said, “There is something really wrong with Bilal and his family…his brother Zahid who is in Vishakhapatnam jail is even more dangerous and radical than Bilal. Bilal is behind the twin blasts and the Mecca mosque blast, I believe.”

He further said, “Bilal’s family stays away from me, Wahad is just not ready to accept his sons are involved in terror,” the MIM leader said. “These misguided youths call me kaafir (a non-believer), I am on their hit-list,” he added, softly.

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However, Zahid was arrested allegedly because he was the brother of once most-wanted HuJI terror suspect and was falsely implicated in the case without any evidence.

In another tweet, he pointed out that, “2005 Hyd TF office Blast will the Investigation officers be made accountable & great work Advocate Azeem & Uma Maheshwar & Rafat saheb.”