Hypocrisy: As Akbar Owaisi praises KCR, video of his early speech goes viral

Hyderabad: Week after AIMIM floor leader Akbaruddin Owaisi praises Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandreshekhar Roa, a video of his early speech in Assembly making rounds where he narrated a story of a singer and a king to mock KCR’s failed promises.

However, The AIMIM floor leader was participating in a short discussion on ‘Minority Welfare’ and was all praise for the Chief Minister for taking up minority welfare on a large scale. “Never before has any political party in undivided Andhra Pradesh been so liberal and never before has any Chief Minister been so benevolent towards minority welfare. We are indebted to Chandrashekhar Rao saab for his gestures. The Chief Minister’s post is very small when compared to his great heart. He is fit for bigger roles,” he stated.

He said Telangana State was achieved only due to relentless efforts of the Chief Minister and his sacrifices. “Some people might claim that their leader was responsible for delivering Statehood. But they should not forget that they were compelled to join the fight for separate Statehood and deliver the State due to Chandrashekhar Rao saab,” he said, taking potshots at Congress legislators who kept disturbing his speech. He said that over the last 70 years of Andhra rule, injustice was done to Telangana region including Muslims to a large extent and hopes of minority communities were being revived only after the State formation.