Hype your style quotient with tailor-made frames for your face

New Delhi: We all wish to have a trendy pair of sunnies, don’t we? Fashion is undoubtedly incomplete without sunglasses.

If you think warding off the glare of the sun is not the only intention behind wearing sunglasses, you might as well be wrong! The right pair of shades can amp up your style game while adding that much-needed element of mystery to your look.

“Picking up the ideal sunglasses for your face shape can be quite challenging. While on one hand there are frames that might enhance your killer features, there are some that may not suit you,” said Nitin Grover, Managing Director, Scavin sunglasses.

So, how do you know which will be the perfect pair of sunglasses for you?

“Well, the thumb rule is the sunglasses should be opposite to your face size. Go for aviator frames as they are the safest option. For example, for light skin tones, one can go for cool sunnies and nude shade frames. The larger the frame, the shorter the face is going to look,” said Nidhi Sharma, Styledarzi Styling Services.
Here are a few interesting tips to help you select the right pair of glares:-

Firstly, you need to figure out whether the shape of your face is round, oval, heart, or square. The next step is to pick up a pair of sunnies that compliment your face shape.

-Oval Shape Face

An oval shape face is perfectly balanced so you might look great in just about anything. But you need to keep in mind that the frames should be sized in proportion to your face. People with oval face shapes tend to choose smaller faces so they need to avoid oversized sunglasses.
The only advice for oval shape face is to avoid frames that hang too low, as this might elongate the face.

-Square Shape Face

A square face usually has a strong jawline and wide cheekbones. In this case, round frames such as aviators look better than angular designs with sharp lines. This might help to create balance.
You should look for frames that provide a soft balance to your angular features.

-Round Shape Face

People with round faces should opt for sunglasses that create definition. Slightly angular frames such as cat-eye or rectangular glasses might suit very well. Though retro style sunglasses are perfect for round face.
Choose a style with a strong brow line in a size that is slightly wider than the head itself to make your cheeks appear slimmer.

-Long/Rectangular Face Shape

Wayfarers are a good option to give the rectangular face a sense of balance. Go for glasses that add width to the long shape. Round or square frames work in this case.

-Heart Face Shape

Choosing a pair of sunglasses for a heart-shaped face can be quite difficult. It’s important to not add extra weight to the top half of the face. The aim should be to find sunglasses that broaden the appearance of your jawline.

Aviators and oversized frames are ideal for the ones with heart shape face. You may choose to go for clubmasters as they are semi-rimmed and would add some curvy appeal to a pointed chin. (ANI)