Hyderabad: GHMC seizes 55kgs of unstamped camel meat arrests owner

HYDERABAD: In the wake of illegal unstamped camel meat being sold in Hyderabad, GHMC officials have charged Al Fazal Beef shop owner in Malkajgiri on Friday. The owner was charged under sections 521, 548, 487 and 530 of GHMC act and also seized 55 kgs of meat.

L Goverdhan Reddy assistant director (North zone, Veterinary Section) of GHMC said, “We have received a complaint regarding the issue so we inspected the place and found out that the meat he was selling was from the animal which was slaughter illegally and the meat was also unhygienic”.

GHMC also took action against six meat shops in Kanukunta located in RC Puram who were running illegal business without license, says Dr. Abdul Wakil assistant director (West Zone, Veterinary Section) of GHMC, “Apart from running the business without license in temporary sheds they were throwing the waste into the drains due to which the manholes are being chocked, “said Dr. Abdul Wakil assistant director (West Zone, Veterinary Section) of GHMC.

In a recent statement released by the GHMC it has stated its officials to prepare to take action against illegal slaughtering and also monitor the same saying “The GHMC will identify the meat stores who follow the norms, especially hygiene and segregation of waste will be awarded”, TOI reported.