Hyderabadi youth gets Jr. Scientist award from Melbourne University

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Rahim, M.Tech of old city of Hyderabad bagged the young scientist Award from Melbourne University for his commendable research work in Aerospace area. He has also been selected as the best scientist by the Indian Coast Guards.

Mr. Rahim told that earlier, he had tried to obtain existing free to Air T.V. Channels on his frequency and after his continuous efforts for two years, he was successful. He was successful in87 Free to Air Channels on his frequency. It is a unique device which is very cheap which provides maximum facilities. If this programme is successful in one colony, all the inhabitants of the colony can benefit from it.

He had sent his research work to the Australian university saying that this research is unique in the entire AP State. Melbourne University of Australia admitted him for its junior scientist award. The university authorities informed that his research work will be useful not only for AP State but it is a unique work in UP, Uttarakhand and Rajastahn as well. Impressed by his scientific research work, University of Melbourne has nominated him as their branch head in Hyderabad and permitted him to impact education in the courses taught by this university in Australia in Hyderabad itself.

Mr. Rahim told that right from the beginning, he had an aptitude for scientific research and he has been working on it with interest. He also told that he wants to enhance the standard of education and quality of scientific research in India. He pointed out that in the education system of India, more emphasis is laid on theory rather than practicals which results lack of interest among the students. If more attention is paid on practical training, it will yield rich dividends. He said that the Muslims of India should have their own English language TV channel in India. He informed that he is working in this direction and hopes that he would be successful in his endeavors in the near future.

——Siasat News